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zenteq magnetic & titanium therapy : natures gifts




Diana Diamante Earrings


Delicate diamante (zirconia) earrings hug the earlobe exquistily. Inside the earring you will discover a magnet. This neodynium magnet gently touches the earlobe for good health, but is fully hidden from the outside. 

Wear our Diana Diamante Earrings with any outfit. They are designed to sparkle like diamonds during an eveving at the theatre or reflect the glistening sunrays during an enjoyable sea-side stroll. Whatever you have planned for the day, your Diana Diamante Earrings will glow exquisitely and dance delighfully with any out fit you care to wear.

The magnet is fully quaranteed to never run out of its magnetic energy.

Our Diana Diamante Earrings have proven to be a big hit with our customers, as such our inventory in low.  Please be aware that you might have a 6 week delay for the delivery of you Earrings. A wait worth while should this be the case. Should your order attract a delay, then Zenteq will add a free Manicure Set as an added bonus in your parcel.  The 14mm cir. Diana Diamante earrings are made from a high quility stainless steel, neodynium magnet & zirconia sparkling stones. 

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