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Chanelle : Titanium Bracelet


zenteq ™ Chanelle.

Add a touch of glamour to your wrist with this luscious creation. The Chanelle features polished titanium with sparkling 14 k gold plate accents, creating a striking color contrast.

Fully integrated into the titanium are the elements of strong magnets. This bracelet with its heir-loom quality,  boasts a timeless, classic and romantic silhouette.

Titanium is non-allergenic.

Individual results may vary. 

Guarantee: 12 months

Side effects: Non known. 

Do not wear if: Pregnant or wearing a pacemaker.

What our customers says about the Chanelle bracelet:

Mrs.Tina W: "I bought my titanium bracelet yesterday with 5 elements and within three hours I noticed no pain anymore in my thumb joints, wow! That is so great! Will recommend your website to my friends!"

(All hard copy testimonials are available for viewing at Zenteq Head office)

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