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Heavenly Heart Bracelet


Enjoy the benefits and the looks of Zenteqs beautiful romantic Heavenly Heart stainless steel bracelet.

This outstanding quality stainless steel health bracelet carries with it 10 or eleven neodynium magnets on the inside. If you are buying this bracelet for health benefits , you should see an improvement before 4 months of wearing it. Pain in the hands? Zenteq believes you should feel pain relief with in one month. For money back guarantee, we must remind you to wear your bracelet for three months with out removal. We are so sure you will love wearing your Heavenley Heart bracelet, that you will not want to return it! 

Our stainless steel will not rust or leave marks.

Neodynium magnetic energies are guaranted for life. 

A winning combination. 

Sizing: Measure your wrist and add one centimeter for a comfortable fit.

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